Engineering at MSMG

Using a wide range of modern technologies and programming languages, our technology team of around 200 colleagues brings our purpose to life. They build, test and deploy products that help households save money and deliver the personalised experiences they love.

Hear from Augustine

When you are looking for a good tech job you're looking for a good culture, the tech is good and place where you can add value and with MSMG I've hit the jackpot!

I feel like I'm doing something valuable and adding value to our customers and society in general. The tech stack is really amazing and making lots of progress in the tools we use.

High Performing Teams​​​​​​​

Based across Manchester, London, Belfast and Ewloe, with roles such as Developer, Tech Lead, Platform Engineer, QA, Principal Developer and Engineering Manager, our services are built by highly collaborative product teams made up of product managers, designers and engineers constantly striving for ways to innovate our services and improve our technology platforms and practices.


At the heart of our success is our people. We’re jam-packed with highly talented technologists who love to collaborate, deliver, challenge each other and constantly strive for ways we can innovate and get better at what we do. 


We love pairing, mobbing, TDD, automating anything that moves, releasing to production multiple times a day via our highly automated build pipelines and everyone working hands on across all stages of development.


We value new technology and our platform is constantly evolving. Our tech stack is modern, reliable, secure and highly automated.

Some of our key technologies:​​​​​​​

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Where we work

We have four fantastic locations, each one unique in their own way.
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